Hape baby drum

Hape baby drum

Its not unusual that children loose interest in their toys, we have all been there. They get a new toy and after a day or so they are stuffed in a cupbard never to be seen again or broken.

So when we got asked to try a hape drum for babies and toddlers I thought why not. Hape are known for making wooden toys made from stainable material. There are a range of quality wooden toys from educational to dolls houses.

As soon as my daughter had the chance she started to investigate her new toy. As soon as she tapped it, it made two different drum sounds so she decided to pick it up and show it to me. All of a sudden, it started playing music what I would describe as funky jungle type music. She dropped it from shock of the noises, wondering what just happened. To be honest I thought that didn’t last long. To my surprise it landed on its side and carried on playing music. So not only can they tap away but it also plays tunes when placed on its side, it even lights up in red, green and blue. Normally after dropping a toy its in the bin from not working again.

To my surprise the Hape baby drum only costs £21.99 on Amazon that is nothing compered to the prices most toys. Toy drums that I have bought before are made out of plastic that can easily brake, snap or stop working. This drum has definitely  been in the wars, it has been thrown, banged against walls and still works as good as when it first arrived. My daughter hasn’t even lost interest, she plays with it everyday without fail and starts dancing.

I would definitely recommend Hape toys.  I would  also, definitely be buying more Hape wooden toys in the future. So, after using the Hape drum it has given me hope that I don’t have to buy more expensive toys in a hope that they would last. With Hape I know that I can buy a quality toy at a great price point.

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  1. Wooden toys are such a worthwhile to buy as they last ages and I prefer them to plastic ones. I love the colours on this drum and I know my daughter would love it.

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