Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and Snoball play review

At the weekend we had a funfilled day experimenting with Gelli baff, Slim baff and snowball play that was kindly given to us to review. Zimpli kids are a company that design and manufacture some of the most unique and innovative children’s toy products So lets see how they got on.

Gelli Baff

The Gelli baff was the first one my children tried. it was quite straight forward with instructions that tell you how to get the best result. In the instructors it stated that it takes 10-15 minutes to set, but after a few minutes of the children getting their hand in and whooshing it about it was starting to form into a jelly texture. Almost like the jelly crystals that are in nappies. They had so much fun with this that it was a struggle to get them out of the bath. There is also a salt like powder that you use at the end that turns the jelly back into water, so there was no trouble draining the bath, it went down with no problem and left little mess to clean. It was stain free and there was no irritation to their skin. There are many colours to choose from.

Slime baff

The slime baff was the second one the children chose, again it come with straight forward instructions. The slime baff took a bit longer to form but no longer that what it stated. It turned the water into gooey slime. The slime was very slippery so care needs to be taken. They had fun playing with the slime and to be honest i wanted to get in to the bath too. When they had finished you had to add more water to the bath to dilute the slime into a drainable liquid, and was no problem going down the drain. I found getting rid of the excess slime was quite hard and took awhile, but nevertheless the children loved it.

Snoball play

Snoball play is the same texture as the Gelli baff. So it is 2 packs of a powder substance that turns into a jelly that you can mould into snowballs. They had great fun with this, and had some weird looks off the neighbours wondering where this snow was coming from which was amusing. It makes about 30 snowball depending how big you want them. unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures the children was running around trying to dodge the snowballs

Overall the children had fun with all of them, and have asked to do a Gelli baff or Slime baff in the summer and do it in the paddling pool, I think that should be quite fun.

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