Visiting Perth, Australia With The Kids: 4 Places You Won’t Want To Miss!

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While you may think of Perth as a sophisticated city for grown-ups, you will be pleased to discover that there is actually some fabulous places you can visit that will keep the kids entertained as well. In fact, you can find our top 4 recommendations below. Keep reading for more!


Perth Zoo


What kid can resist a zoo? Happily, there is a relatively large one in Perth that is home to African lions, Asian elephants, and even penguins! Of course, if you are looking for some more traditional Aussie animal residents, the Australian Bushwalk tour will take you past kangaroo, koalas, emus, and wombats too. All of which the kids are sure to find fascinating.




There are plenty of facilities located at the zoo as well, including lockers (so you do have to carry all your, or the kids’ stuff around all day), baby changing facilities, and even pull along cars for little one that can’t walk very far yet. Something that can make it an excellent low effort spot to spend a whole day when you have the kids with you.


Scarborough Beach


Next, if you’re looking for something fun to do for all the family when visiting Perth, a visit to Scarborough Beach has to be near the top of your list. There you will find long strips of white sand, perfect for playing and building sandcastles. It’s super clean there too, and they even have a playground for when the little ones need a bit of extra entertaining.




One of the best things about Scarborough Beach is that it is so easy to get to. In fact, you just need to follow route 75 West until you see the signs. Of course, getting a vehicle from one of the Airport Car Hire services can make getting there and back to your accommodation much easier when you have the kids in tow. After all, you don’t really want the hassle of taking them home on the bus when they are covered in sand, do you?


Fremantle Prison


Another great shout is Fremantle Prison, epically if you have slightly older kids that are interested in the history of the area.


In this location, you will be able to walk around the old prison building and even see exhibits demonstrating what life was like for the inmates. Oh, and you’ll find the usual cafe and facilities for when the whole family need a break as well.


Adventure World


Finally, no trip to Perth with the family is complete without a visit to Adventure World! Just as you would expect will a name like that, it is packed full of exciting activities for all ages.

For teens and parents try the Goliath and Abyss, while the younger or less bold family members can have fun on the Kraken and Little Leaper. You can even get a season ticket if you find yourself in the Perth area for an extended stay and visited again and again and keep the kids happy for the entire trip!  

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