Quick update

So the past couple of weeks I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to. A sickness bug took over the household leaving us feeling like rubbish. Thankfully we are all feeling a lot better and are all on our feet again.’

Last week I was focusing on finding a home swap. Some of you may know that we are a family of 6 in a 2 bedroom, and have been searching since 2014 for someone to swap with, but as the years are going on I am getting a bit desperate. I have signed up to home swappers and thought I would have no trouble finding somewhere. The site gives you a percentage of properties that are looking for your place. It doesn’t sound hard work you just message the people who are looking for your place starting with the highest percentage. Well I must have message 100 people, most of them I didn’t hear anything back, some wasn’t interested even though it was 100% match. I have tried home swap groups on facebook, there has been a bit of interest but still nothing. One lady was interested in my property only to be told she didn’t want it because I have laminated flooring, like, really. Some people just love to waste your time.

So this week the children have their half term (wish me luck) so we have a few thing to do. Today wasn’t great weather but tomorrow we are planing a picnic in the park. Wednesday we are heading to the woods should be fun if we don’t get lost. Thursday we are heading to surrey docks farm, and Friday god knows what we are doing, but we have our plans sorted for the week ahead so far.

Well that is all for now.

What is everyone doing for half term?

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