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When going on holiday most people want to enjoy a coastal adventure finished off with some hot weather on top. After all, Britain isn’t blessed with sunshine and sand very often. So, when the sun does come to town most of us like to flock to the seaside. There are various coastal based cities and towns situated throughout the UK. Sussex is a county that boasts several coastal locations and therefore is a good place to go during the summer months.


The following places are all based in Sussex and boast a coastal location; Beachy Head, Brighton, South Downs Way, Seven Sisters, Eastbourne, Newhaven, and Seaford. All of these locations are suitable for a great holiday. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to one destination. You can easily stay in Eastbourne and take trips to South Downs Way and Brighton for example. This is why Sussex is recommended. You are not limited to one coastal place, you can explore different places and you can add more layers and depth to your holiday. Plus, staycations are a lot cheaper. You can use a guarantor loan calculator if you cannot afford to pay for your holiday outright and you are looking for an alternative.


You will note that this blog post relates to a ‘costal adventure’. You will be able to get a flavour for all types of the coastal experience. For example, Brighton is a seaside town – it provides lots of attractions and a lively atmosphere. You then have Beachy Head which is simply a headland and therefore scenery and beauty takes the forefront. You also have Eastbourne that centres on a gorgeous pier and boasts some fantastic Victorian hotels. Whilst on your trip to Sussex you get to a taste for all flavours. This is no standard seaside holiday. You don’t have to stick to one beach, you get the full package. And, when the UK only offers sunshine on such a rarity it is recommended to make the most of it.


Moving on, you will need to find somewhere comfortable to stay whilst visiting Sussex. When on a coastal vacation you should seek accommodation that is cosy and relaxing. After all, after a hard day of catching some rays of sunshine you need a place to chill out. Luckily, Sussex is filled to the brim with an extensive range of snug and soothing accommodation. You will be able to reside in one of the fantastic cottages situated near the coast or even slightly further out if you would prefer.


When trying to find accommodation you should look for a place that gives you the best of what the coast has to offer. Try to find somewhere that boasts charming views of the sea. After all, this is the main reason why you have taken this type of vacation. If you choose your accommodation carefully then you will be able to witness some of the most breathtaking cliffs, stretches of golden sand, and visions of the twinkling sea.


Once the sun starts to shine in England this year you should take a trip to Sussex. You will be able to visit an array of coastal destinations and thus you will get the true experience of being by the sea.


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