My top 5 tv shows and films

Anyone who knows me will know how much i love to watch films. I watch at least 4 in a week or more if I have time. My favorites are mainly comedies and horror with a thriller now and then. I’m sure everyone has a favourite film or series that they have to watch religiously, and its even better in hdr (or ultra hd premium) tv panasonic.

So here is my list of films and series, old and new that entertain me.


Only fools and horses

Only fools and horses was released in 1981 but my dad watched it all the time, and so I became a massive fan. This comedy is about 2 brothers living on a rough estate in Peckham in London. With their wheeling and dealing, ducking and diving to be comes millionaires. They also made a film called Miami twice, and I am also exited to see the live Only fools and horses, yay, good times.

The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners was hitting our screens in 2008. This was about a group of boys in their final years of school, getting up to their antics, with their different personalities that they sometimes clash, at times I would wonder if they where even friends but they where best friends. There was also 2 films released that I also enjoyed.

Bird box

Bird box is a weird film starring Sandra Bullock. It’s about a mysterious force that kills you if you see it, the survivors must avoid coming face to face with the force that turns into their worst fears. To get away to a safe place a mother and children must embark on a dangerous journey blindfolded to run away from the evil that chases them.

Isn’t it romantic

This film has just been released on Netflix. It’s about an architect that works hard to get noticed at her job. On the way home from work she gets mugged and gets knocked unconscious. Natalie wakes up after her ordeal and discovers she is stuck in a real life romcom movie.

Wish upon

This is about a girl who lost her mum to suicide, or so she fault. Clare is a 17 year old girl who is getting hell from school along with her 2 best friends, her dad finds a music box that has an inscription that the owner gets wishes, but there is also another inscription in writing she doesn’t understand. She make a wish thinking nothing of it, but the next day it comes true. As she make mores wishes to become popular, rich and have the boyfriend she always wanted, she soon releases the people who are close to her are dying in gruesome, twisted ways.

I don’t watch many series any more, and believe it or not I have never watched game of thrones, I know shocking. I have seen a series called The umbrella academy that looks good, but I am more of a film person, and there are so many films that I have added to my list to watch.

What does everyone else like watching?


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