Mash ‘n’ Stash weaning pots

Smash 'n' Stash waening pots

Mash ‘n’ stash weaning pots

When it comes to weaning your bundle of  joy you always want the best. I started weaning my daughter at 6 months with shop bought cow & gate fruity porridge. Although she loved it, I wasn’t loving the price. I felt the same with jar foods there are so many varieties on the shelf but to pricey. So I made my own anything I made would be blended and put them in pot and placed in the freezer. The problem come when the pots used to tumble out of the freezer every time I opened the door. I was so excited to receive the Mash ‘n’ stash weaning pots from Baby wings to review.

The Mash ‘n’ stash weaning pots are what I needed. Not only did they sit in the freezer perfectly but they are space saving too. The weaning pots are LGFB and FDA approved silicone and PVC free.

It stores 10 portions (60ml/2oz) of homemade baby food, purees, juices or even breast milk. The tray and lid can be placed in  the over or microwave of temperatures up to 425F/218C. They are also dishwasher friendly.

I couldn’t wait to try it out. I made dinners as well a healthy desserts. With making your own you also know exactly what is in it.

All you need to do is make and blend food, freeze and pop out when needed. To make it better there are also 3 tasty organic baby food recipes on the back of the packet which is a bonus. Overall I found the meals easy to pop out the trays, the lids are easy to take off and put on they are easy to clean and perfect for saving space in the fridge or freezer.

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