If You Only Visit One Australian City… It Should Be Perth

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When you picture a big Australian city, what springs to mind? For most of us it’s Sydney. How could it not be? Those twin stately landmarks of the stunning Opera House and the impressive Harbour Bridge. They’re arguably some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Then of course there’s Canberra. The nation’s capital and the beating political heart of the country, Canberra also has stunning architecture and a rich history. Or of course there’s Melbourne. Victoria’s capital is largely regarded as one of the coolest cities in the world with a thriving arts scene, wealth of cafe culture and some of the trendiest bars outside of London’s Soho or New York’s Greenwich Village


Yet, while all of these 3 great cities have much to recommend them, I’d argue that if you only ever visit one Australian city in your life… It should be Perth.


Perth is the quintessential Australian city


It may not have the recognisability of Sydney or the political pull of Canberra but Perth neatly sums up everything that’s great about Australia. Of course there’s lots of trendy cafes, cool bars, great restaurants and all the shopping you could want… But you could say that about virtually any major city. Here we’ll look at why Perth gives you everything you could ever need in a unique overseas adventure


As cool as Melbourne, as stately as Sydney


When you visit a major city you expect resplendent architecture with lots of Instagram worthy architecture as well as sites of historical significance. Here Perth does not disappoint. It’s glimmering cityscape easily matches Sydney’s celebrated skyline. It’s easy to get virtually anywhere you need to go via the city’s excellent public transport network.


It’s easily as cool as Melbourne too, with awesome cafe culture and a thriving arts scene. Check out the Art Gallery of Western Australia which houses a wide array of European and Aboriginal artworks or the super trendy Pica Bar from which you can sip red wine and plan your crawl of Perth’s artistic hub.


Bountiful beaches… And great weather all year round


We all know that Australia has a wealth of gorgeous beaches, and Perth has some of the best in the country. Hop in a car from Bayswater Car Rentals and take a short trip to Bathers beach in Fremantle. You’ll find that it easily compares with anything Bondi has to offer. Heck, you don’t even need to leave the city to experience an awesome beach. City Beach has an atmosphere that’s reminiscent of Sydney Harbour with classy waterside restaurants and an incredible new amphitheatre. What’s more, Perth has a climate that’s similar to California, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy the sun all year round.

Incredible plant and wildlife


If there’s one thing for which Australia is best known, it’s its unique combination of plant, animal and marine life which are as exotic as they are beautiful (especially to us “pommies”). Take a trip to the nearby nature reserve of Rottnest island which boasts not only pristine white beaches but a wealth of local wildlife including the world’s largest population of super cute and friendly local marsupial the Quokka.


Once you’ve been to Perth, every other Australian city seems like a pale imitation!

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