Have a very merry christmas

Well it’s Christmas eve and nearly the end of 2018. In January I started blogging and I have loved every minute. At the beginning it was a bit hard of thinking what to write and what everyone likes to read about. After awhile everything started flowing nicely and started writing anything that have, or had happened in my life.

My goal for next year is to socialise more. I’m the type of person to seat back and watch the comments instead of getting in there with my opinion, and also continue with blogging and push myself more.

I am so excited for Christmas everything is done, all the wrapping, Christmas dinner is waiting to be cooked. Last year was a bit of a nightmare. So last year I was up until 2am still wrapping presents, only to run out of wrapping paper for the rest of the gifts for my family, and had to wrap the other gifts Christmas day with the wrapping paper that the kids present was in. I find it quite funny looking back now, but, not this year I am so ready for it.

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Bring on 2019.



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