Father’s day gift guide

Father's day

With father’s day approaching on the 17th June, I thought I would do a gift guide to suit any kind of budget and give you inspiration.

Father’s day is a celebration honouring father’s and celebrating fatherhood. Whether you have a step dad or paternal dad.

Making your own

In my option I would say the best presents are the ones your children have made. for instance sun catcher are a brilliant idea. Your children will love painting them, it makes it fun for the child, and dad gets something special and a keeps sake. Another gift on a budget is making a sweet or chocolate hamper. I made a few at Christmas and they went down well. I got a fish bowl and filled it up with sweets and placed a bit of fabric on top and tied with ribbon. I purchased the bowl/sweets and ribbon from pound land.


Buying clothing can be tricky one I think. It could be a wonderful gift or disaster. My partner loves chino shorts and shirts but I never know what colour to go for, so I’m thinking navy blue chinos and maybe a checked shirt. I would go for something that your dad wears but change the colour.

Experience days out

I love the experience days as they do ones for 2 people so you get a day out as well.  The Virgin experience day tours start from just £9 depending on what you choose to see or do. There are many experiences to choose from. There is  from winery and brewery tour to Monte Carlo F1 driving experience.

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts are more popular then ever. Most people I know love them. Depending where you get the gifts they can be very reasonably good value for money, so wont leave you with a hole in your pocket.

Drinks hamper

I normally do a drink hamper too with alcohol but it isn’t for everyone, and it is a bit of a lame gift just to give them a Crate of beer, so jazz it up a bit. I sometimes buy a basket and different beers/lagers to make it look a bit more fancy. I normally add pork scratchings and sweets too. It would work well with any drinks.

So these are a few idea I have. You may have different ideas but the guide is here just in case. It can be tricky business finding the perfect gift, but I’m sure you will make your dad feel special.


20 thoughts on “Father’s day gift guide

  1. I think it’s so cute to have the children make the father’s day gifts for their dad. This year the children won’t be with us for father’s day so I am going to take him out for a nice lunch and celebrate him anyway. x

  2. These are all great ideas for Fathers Day. I love the idea of a drinks hamper or experience day. They are both ideas my dad would love.

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