Born in the 80s raised in the 90s

Growing up in the 90s was the absolute best era and so different to how it is now. With technology taking over the little minds of children. I grew up playing outside everyday I never wanted to stay in doors. This was my life and how it was different to now. Here are somethings that have changed over the years.

  • Lets start with the T.V. There was no freeview or sky in the early 90s, the only channel you had was 1-5 and even channel 5 was a terrible picture no matter where you put the Ariel.
  • Teletext on the T.V was the only text I had heard of and clicking through all the numbers to find what you wanted. There was no red button to press.
  • Growing up we had VHS video tapes. If you watched a film you had to rewind it just to watch it again. The nightmare of your favourite tape being chewed up was also heart-breaking. There was no DVDs.
  • We also had cassettes, The joy of sitting and listening to the radio to record the top 40 so we had up to date hits. Cassettes were also a pain, having to rewind and fast forward to find the song you want to listen to.
  • Video games. well after a few hours of playing and getting right to the end of the game just for it to say game over because you lost your last life was annoying. There wasn’t a save button like there is today. After quitting you had to start right at the beginning.
  • Fashion was trousers with a skirt attached, snapper trousers, peddle pushers and clogs. What on earth was I thinking. To think I was walking around like I was the bees knees walking down the road.
  • Not much of a big issue but there used to be little toys in cereal boxes. Wondering when the toy would fall out used to be exciting when I was a kid.
  • Playing outside. Everyday I was up early ready to go out with my mates and play, even if it was raining I would pop over to my mates. Nowadays children would rather stay in doors and play on their consoles. When the street lights come on it was time to go home.
  • Worst of all there were no phones to take selfies, you had to judge where your face was. The amount of times I had to keep trying to get my face in the shot. Oh the struggle.

So they are most of the things of what it used to be like growing up in the 90s. But I loved every minute of it and would go back any day if I could.

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2 thoughts on “Born in the 80s raised in the 90s

  1. This post caught my eye because I was also born and raised in this same time period. I can recall the frustration you are are talking about with cassettes. I remember having a tape recorder and recording songs from the radio onto the tape because of course we didn’t have instant access to songs like we do now. And the VHS rewinding…oh my goodness! We have definitely come a long way. Children these days just have no idea! lol ;p Thanks for a little nostalgia!

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