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Well it has been a while since writing a post due to problems with my hosting provider. Thankfully it is all sorted and I have never been more ready to start from where I left off. so I’m just giving everyone a update of what has gone on in my life since July.

On the 4th of August my youngest daughter turned 1 years old,we had a BBQ and loved all her presents but was more interested in the boxes and is becoming a little terror, climbing on everything is the worst I’m forever getting her down off something. She has also started walking, but gets lazy and then starts crawling, this is when the fun starts and before long they are running down the pavement and your chasing after them, it all fun and games.

Then on the 6th of August we all had a amazing holiday at Hayling Island for a week. There was so much stuff to do for the kids, there was never a moment they was complaining of getting bored. I will be doing a post about our holiday soon.

On 18th of September my eldest daughter turned 10 years old she had an amazing birthday. At the moment she is into magic so she got a magic set and a gross magic set and is doing her own magic show. Some of the magic I know how it is done but I will never let her know, I don’t want to still her thunder.

Next was my birthday my partner took me out for dinner to the Shard in London where we had the best meal ever with a desert that had happy birthday in chocolate writing on the plate, and cocktails so my birthday was brilliant.

After all of the birthdays there was yet another birthday, my son turned 6 years old on the 6th of October. He is into everything so he had mainly board games. He favourite is Og on the bog at the moment and Operation escape room, which I has to admit is good.

So after all of the birthdays over we now have Christmas on the way and like always I hardly have anything at the moment. I’m going shopping and getting little bits and pieces here and there but I will get a move on and start at the weekend. Most people have nearly finished and there is me just strolling along.

So there you have it a little bit of what has been going on hopefully I don’t have anymore problems and I will be posting a lot more.

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