Dress To Impress For That Promotion

Have you been trying to bag that elusive promotion for a while now? Do you keep acing all of your tasks and exceeding expectations yet are still stuck in the job role you entered the company in? If you have gotten wind that there is a vacancy coming up and you think now is your time to go for it, then you need to make sure you give the company no option but to promote you. You need to tick all of the boxes. You don’t only need to wow them with the work you provide, but you must wow them with you. Your personality and your presence need to shine through. One of the ways to do this is via dressing to impress. You have to look sophisticated yet striking at the same time. This article will thus provide you with all of the tips you need to dress to impress for that promotion.


The key is to look professional and wear appropriate clothing yet to stand out at the same time. If you can’t afford a new wardrobe, you can always take out a secured debt consolidation loan until your wages come through. Going for anything too revealing or too casual will harm your chances of promotion. Anything too revealing is obviously inappropriate and can show that you do not take the job seriously enough. Anything too casual looks as if you have not made an effort and thus can consequently make it appear as if you do not value your role or the company. These are impressions you definitely don’t want to give off. You want to show that you take the job seriously and the way you dress can play a massive role in this.


Nevertheless, you certainly don’t want to appear to be boring either. Typical work attire includes shirts, blazers, pencil skirts and alike. However, why not stray away from the standard black, navy or grey? Go for another colour instead. We’re not suggesting you rock up to work in a bright orange polka dot suit. Go for something that is fun yet professional at the same time. Burgundy, sapphire plum, jade and wine are all fantastic. These are also excellent colours for autumn and winter as well. Look for interesting cuts and silhouettes too. Peg leg trousers can work really well when going for a tailored look. Or what about a shift dress and a blazer?


Add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit with a statement piece of jewellery. Statement necklaces are in fashion at the moment. They offer the perfect way of ensuring you turn heads for all of the right reasons. A wine pencil skirt and a white shirt can be finished off with a stunning silver diamante necklace for example. This provides a gorgeous finishing touch without being overpowering. And don’t forget your number one accessory; a laptop bag. Most women take their big tote bag to work containing everything but the kitchen sink. A laptop bag is so much more professional. It shows you mean business and it allows you to keep everything organised. This is guaranteed to impress your boss.


So there you have it; the key to dressing to impress when trying to get that all important promotion. Follow the tips that have been provided in this article and you are ensured to get noticed for all of the right reasons. Remember; fun yet fashionable. If you are looking for a good place to start then head to Austin Reed. They have achieved a great reputation for their stunning work attire options.


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