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Bag yourself a selfie bag


Selfie bag

The Selfie bag

We are a nation who are addicted to taking selfies. 74% of all images shared on Snapchat are selfies. There are 93 million selfies being taken each day. I must say I am guilty of this. I take loads of selfies just to get one picture of myself that I actually like.Somethings there has been a moment to take a photo, but rummaging through my handbag to try and get my phone out in time is a nightmare. Then the moment is gone.

So for everyone who loves taking selfies as much as I do, I have the perfect accessory for you, The Selfie bag from Cottonbagco. These bags are Eco friendly and reusable. They have plenty of space to fit all of your essential items. The bags have two inner pockets, one for your selfie stick, and a zip pocket for your phone, keys and other personal items. The Selfie bag also has a sewn in reflective sheet to help create the perfect lighting for the perfect selfie. Also with every bag you get the ultimate guide on how to take an amazing selfie, with all the tips you need.

The bag comes in two designs. The black canvas with a gold design or the natural canvas design which I was kindly sent to review.

These bags are a great size and perfect for any day out. If you are a lover of taking selfies this bag is a must have.

The selfie bagThe selfie bag

The selfie bag



16 thoughts on “Bag yourself a selfie bag

  1. What an absolutely splendid idea! Firstly I thought it would be a bag with your selfie on it, however once I realised it was to take the perfect selfie I loved it even more!

  2. I love the fact it’s eco friendly and big enough to carry everything you in with compartments. I think the design is fun and playful and a great bag to have.

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