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What Does The Summer Have In Store For Your Teen?


At this time of year, we’re all pretty much looking ahead to the summer. Because it’s wet and cold, and nothing quite beats planning ahead to a summer of fun. Yet, a lot of the time, you might find yourself just thinking about it. Wishing for it. And not really doing much about it. That’s only natural. Yet, if there are certain things you’d love to do with your family this summer, then you need to start planning. And not only that, if you know that you have teens to entertain and you have a few ideas, now is the perfect time to put plans in place. But maybe you don’t really know what your teen might like to do this summer. Or better yet, what you might like for them to do. So let’s consider a couple of ideas.


  1. Studying

First of all, it might be that your teen wants to (or you want them to) study a bit more over the summer. Maybe there’s an area they want to work on or that they want to improve for next year? Then extra studies could be important. Or maybe they want to learn a new skill themselves so that they can grow as a person.


  1. Travel

From here, you’ve then got the idea of travel. Maybe they’re coming to the end of school and they need a break? Then heading off and exploring the world could be perfect. And while there are a range of travel experiences suitable for teens, you may even want to go with them. So why not think about booking a family holiday that allows you to relax, but that also opens up their eyes to new experiences and possibilities too?


  1. Work

It might even be that they decide to work over the summer? And this can be a huge benefit to them. Not only can they make money over the summer, but it fills their time and can teach them new skills. Because most of the teen jobs are quite casual and will allow them to work with others their own age. So it can be a great way for them to fill the summer.


  1. Babysitting

But also, it could literally be that they need to help you out a bit? If you’re working over the summer, and you have younger children – it could be on them to step up a little. Or maybe there are others that need childcare that they can help out with over the summer? This could help them to make things much easier for you.


  1. Passion Projects

And finally, it may even be that you encourage them to work on something they love. Maybe they love to write? Or sing? Or draw? Or they’ve always wanted to learn a language? Then why not help them to find their passion this summer? Sometimes, it can really help them to work out what they want to do in the future. But, it can also be just for fun too!


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8 thoughts on “What Does The Summer Have In Store For Your Teen?

  1. Oh I remember the summer I walked into our local town as a teenager and just went around every shop/café asking if they had any jobs going. Eventually a few weeks later I got a job as a waitress and was there for four years!

  2. I am looking forward to Summer. My daughter is in her tween years but we are going overseas as a family and we are super excited. Sylvia also wants to learn a language but has not decided which one yet.

  3. My son always worked on his passion projects during the summer which I was really happy about as he’s now doing what he loves, career wise. I find it a good idea to encourage your teen to do any of these things during their summer holidays.

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