Welcome to the world

After having my 3rd child, I thought that was it. Alfie was in his final year or nursery and the enthusiasm ran through me, I could finally get a job and make something of myself. My ideal job would be working with animals. London Zoo would have been a dream for me.

In November 2016 I missed a cycle. I thought I was just late due to stress with Christmas just round the corner. My friend convinced me to get a test. I wasn’t nervous in the slightest( I had been using contraception). But to my surprise it was positive. I burst into tears as you can imagine, this wasn’t on my bucket list.

After telling my partner and him being over the moon about it, I had come to terms with it also, But I had no emotions until I had my first scan. All of a sudden I had unconditional love for this baby. I had a fairly easy pregnancy, I had sickness in the morning but that was about it until my last months of pregnancy. I did start feeling faint as it was at the height of summer.

On the 3rd of August me and my mum made plans to go for a walk along the embankment with the kids. We was out for 5 hours altogether It was lovely, but I was ready to go home. My back was killing me I was literally ready for bed. So after my mum left I waddled off to bed.

Due date

The next morning at around 4am I had cramps. Then again at 5am I never made a big deal of it or said anything to my partner, so he headed to work as usual. At 8am my mum called to see how I was. I told my mum I had pains and I was starting to get worried. I was alone with 3 children. My mum lived just up the road from the hospital so going to my mums was a safe bet. I finally called my partner and told him to meet me there. Me and the kids got to my mums by 10am and lee was sitting there on the step waiting for me. I decided  not to go to the hospital at this point because the pain wasn’t actually that bad. But after an hour or so my waters broke, now was the time to get to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital my emotions where running wild. I meet the midwife she was lovely her name was Leah. What I was going to call my little girl.

After being examined I was told my waters were still in tact. I had actually wet myself the horror, but on top of that I was 7cm dilated. The pain was so intense I asked for a epidural several times, but it would take a while to get it. I soldiered on till it was time to start pushing. By 12.32 she was in the world weighing 6lb 7oz of perfection.

The birth was so straight forward with no complications. I was at home by 9.30pm that night settling down, and preparing for life with 4 children.

Leah is now 10 months and I couldn’t imagine life without her.


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  1. congratulations – little Leah looks so beautiful! even though she was unexpected, I am sure she will bring so many joys (and probably headaches too haha)

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