Wedding celebrations




Wedding celebrations

It’s been a while since I have had a night out, so when I got a call off my mum saying my cousin was getting married I was over the moon, not only was I going out , I was going to see my family that I haven’t seen for a long time and of course I was happy for my cousin the bride to be.

Unfortunately my children wasn’t able to go ,it started to late and in the end they would be miserable because they would be tired, so my partner (there dad) kindly offered to look after them while I went, all through the week I was excited.

The day of the wedding come round. I was up early with excitement, doing my hair and painting my nails, but didn’t know what to wear, I had a floral top with jeans or my floral trousers with a orange top. when I got to my mums I decided the floral trousers and orange to would be best (happy colours).

Soon after we were on our way, it was a 2 hour journey to St.Augstines in West Gate but eventually we was there, saying hello to the family and congratulating my cousin the bride and her husband, and ordered a few drinks mainly vodka and coke my favourite.

After a while we headed to the large hall where my cousin and her husband cut the cake, the music was blaring. As I said hello to more of the family in the hall I noticed a little table that had caught my eye, sadly my late uncle had passed away and the table was a memorial with a photo and a candle, it brought a tear to my eyes, and made that day even more special to know that everyone was thinking of him and felt like he was in the room with us all.

There was so much food so as always my plate was filled to the top (as you do). Not long after eating most of us were out of our seats doing the Conga around the hall, well I was laughing all the way through it, and that song was followed by the Hokey Cokey, I was in tears of laughter by this time.

My auntie said there was a funny photo booth, so off we went, there were hats and glasses and other bits that you put on before you go in, and strike a pose, it was hilarious.

After a few more drinks it was time to go, I had such an amazing time and so nice to see the family again hopefully the next wedding will be my own but I wouldn’t hold my breathe.


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