Parenting Through a Divorce: What You Should Know

No one wants to deal with the rollercoaster that is their divorce, but sometimes it’s the least bad outcome for everyone involved. One of the things that people worry about most when they’re going through divorce proceedings is the impact it’ll have on their family and their ability to be a good parent. It’s an understandable concern but you don’t need to fail in this department just because you’re getting divorced.


We’re now going to talk about all of the things that matter to your ability to parent well as you go through divorce and come out the other side. There are some key things in particular that you should know about, so read on now to find out about them.


Keep Children Out of the Arguments


One thing that you should always try to do when going through a situation like this is keep the kids out of any arguments. Of course, it’d be ideal if there were any arguments to begin with but that might be asking for a little too much. But if you can at least make sure that you don’t bring children into these arguments, you should be on the right kind of path. There should be discussions about the children and their future, but those discussions shouldn’t turn into arguments.


Try to Agree on Some Rules Together


You and your partner are still going to have to work together for the good of the children, and one area in which this really matters is when it comes to the rules that dictate how you bring up your kids. You can’t parent well if the child is being told one thing by one parent and the opposite by the other parent. It makes things confusing for the child and is generally bad parenting. So try to come up with ways to agree on how you’re going to parent your children.


Work Together to Reassure the Children


Children can often end up blaming themselves when they see their parents arguing. After all, you and your ex are the most important and significant people in their lives. They’ll want to know that they haven’t done anything that’s led to this situation. Even though it’s obvious to the adults that it’s not the fault of the children, they may not know or understand this themselves. That’s why it’s worth stressing this to them and making it perfectly clear.



Only Bring Up Grievances with Your Ex That Really Matter


When you’re trying to parent after a divorce, there will always be disagreements between yourself and your partner. That’s just what happens, but it’s worth only focusing on the important things and letting some of those smaller things slide. It’ll be much better for you both and for your children if you don’t cause arguments over every little disagreement and problem that arises, so try to remember that. It’ll serve you well as you both move forward as parents.


Let Lawyers Take Care of the Bulk of the Work


Many people mistakenly think that getting lawyers involved in their divorce is a recipe for arguments and disaster, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you use good Family Law solicitors to take care of everything from divorce to child custody issues, you ensure that things happen professionally and properly as opposed to being hashed out between you and your ex. It makes things a lot cleaner and simpler for everyone because it won’t be necessary for every issue to be made personal.


Remember Quality is More Important Than Quantity


After a divorce, many parents can worry about the lack of time that they now have to spend with their children compared to before. But you should try to focus on the quality of that time rather than the quantity of it. It’s very easy to forget that you don’t need a lot of time to have a good time with your children. And you don’t necessarily have a great time just because there’s lots of it. Make the most of all the time you spend together and you’ll be much less down about the situation.


Don’t be a Slave to Parental Guilt


It’s common for divorced parents to feel guilty about the situation they’ve inflicted on their children. However, becoming a slave to those feelings of guilt is never a good thing for anyone either. It’s not good for you as a parent and it’s not great for your children either. You should try to focus on the future and thing about the positive things you can do. That’s what’s most important from here on out. Everything else is behind you.


Letting a Young Child Decide is a Recipe for Disaster


Some parents fall into the trap of deciding that the child can decide where they want to live and which parent they want to spend time with it. But that’s not good for you or them. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to provide them with the structure they need. That kind of decision-making pressure should never be put on their shoulders because they’re probably too young to deal with it or truly understand it.


Be Prepared to Deal with Your Child Playing Parents Off Against Each Other


Kids can sometimes use this new situation they find themselves in to their advantage. This is something that you’ll have to be prepared to deal with because it can be difficult. However, a firm and consistent line, as well as good cooperation with your ex, will definitely help you to nip those kinds of behaviours in the bud early on. You certainly shouldn’t allow those kinds of behaviours to become normal or acceptable.


Going through a divorce is always tough on your family in a wide variety of ways. That’s just the way it is, but there’s no reason why you and your ex can’t continue to be great parents for the good of your children. Hopefully, the tips and ideas mentioned above will help you to do that.


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