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History of Thames walk London

Last week me, my mum and kiddies decided to go to Surrey Docks farm, but instead of going the usual way, by taking the bus, we decided to walk along the Thames bank and talked about the history. I have become very interested in history the last few years and didn’t notice all the history that was around my home town.

Walking along me and my mum was talking about what the Thames walk was like years ago. In 1880  the London dock  was a hub of world-wide trade, goods come from all over the world and is hard to believe that the river Thames was once a very busy. There is still little cranes attached to the buildings, But there was once large cranes installed to the side of the buildings. There was a large number of warehouses lining the river one was a tea warehouse which have now been modernized into luxury apartments.

Many objects have been found on the river shore from ships these things include roman coins, pipes, china and may more. The government now issue permits to dig on the shore but any finding must be reported so they can be analysed and sent to a museum.

Along the way we also come across King Edward III manor house. The building was constructed in around 1350. It was built from stone on a small island next to the river. There was a deep and wide ditch (moat) surrounding the residence, and at high tide the king would arrive by boat. There is a theory that this place was where he practiced his falconry, with the birds being able to stay in eye sight.


On the way home from the farm the tide had gone out and we explored the shore the main items we found was broken china, and pottery I would love to know where it has come from but that would always remain a mystery.


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