Family fun day

Family fun day

Family fun day

On week days its normally the same routine every day for us, But now the my daughters school has a Family fun day,normally we come home I cook dinner, after dinner its bath and then story, Simpsons then bed.

On a Monday at my daughters school there is a family fun day in the hall, its a great way to interact and have that special time with your children.

Normally at home we have a board game out or play the Nintendo Wii at the weekends or day off unless it is sunny outside, but family fun day is a great opportunity to meet other parents and for children to make new friends.

Family fun day startsĀ from 3:30 to 4:30 but in that hour we do so many activities, such as pretending to be monkeys swinging from imaginary vines, and pirates, scrubbing the deck and climbing the rigging its lots of fun and getting are bodies moving and learning fun ways to exercise. The children also enjoy seeing their parent acting silly and having a laugh.

It only lasts for 12 weeks, and each week we get a book of the activities we have been doing so we can continue it at home. we also got a board game that enables families to have fun, play and be more physically active together. Each time you land on a TTT icon, you will take a card and be given a choice of physical challenges and a move forward opportunity linked to the challenge it could be balance challenges to coordination challenges.

Each week is different and you never know what you are going to be doing next. We all love it and cant wait for next Monday and see what we are going to be.

Does your child/children school have days for the family?
Or do you go to any after school clubs with them?


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