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Holiday activities

Holiday activities

Coming up to the half term I was planning days out and adventures I could take the children on, my eldest daughter wanted to go to Buckingham Palace so that went on the bucket list of what we could do, they was all looking forward to it.


Unfortunately my son caught chicken pox from nursery just before half term so it wasn’t the best start to the holiday, but I was still going to try and make the most of it.

So I got a few of creative things that we could do after all children love arts and crafts and getting messy. I got a Shaker maker from amazon for £10.99, Paint me pretty cup cake trinket set for £9.99 and Blo pens for £12

So one day during the week we decided to try out the paint me pretty cup cake trinket set, because there was only 2 cup cake trinkets Paige done the Minnie Mouse Shaker Maker. It was really easy to make with no mess what so ever and only took an hour to dry and ready to use so I was quiet surprised, it comes with 2 different moulds/ 2 packs of plaster to start you off and of course the Shaker Maker it self.

They all enjoyed it a lot and it was nice to see them getting creative together. It was definitely a good idea, and will be buying them again. It can be quiet messy as well so be well prepared.

A couple of days later they wanted to try there Blo Pens, inside the box there was 6 stencils and 10 Blo Pens, it does take awhile to get started, the stencils are made out of card and you have to detach all the bits that are meant to come out. After all that they got started. It isn’t really messy but some how they managed to get it everywhere, thankfully it was easy to clean up and didn’t leave any stains, but they made such beautiful pictures and also enjoyed doing it.

All through the week there were tears, tantrums and laughter and even though we spent the week indoors we did make the most of it, and at least we will have more things to do when the 6 week holiday comes round.

What did you do during the half term?

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