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E’lifexir cream

I love trying new skin care products so I was over the moon to try E’lifexir natural beauty. E’lifexir is a natural care range with seven different products each targeting specific parts of the body.

E’lifexir is made with 99% of natural ingredients. All products have been dermatological tested and suitable for all skin types and are hypoallergenic and also vegan friendly.

The product contains no parabens, acrylates, colorants, petrolatum, mineral oils, paraffin, silicones, PEGs, sulphates or artificial fragrances.

The 7 products in the range are:

  • Body lift -Anti cellulite and lifting cream
  • Flat tummy- Reducing and firming cream
  • Push up breast- Toning and firming cream
  • Fitness- Body contouring gel
  • Pushup buttocks- Sculpting gel
  • Anti-stretchmarks- Repair and preventing cream
  • Acrider-  Revitalising leg gel

I have tried every cream for 3 weeks and I must say I am well impressed. But the flat tummy, anti-stretchmarks and push up breasts.

Flat tummy cream

The flat tummy cream has made my stomach a lot firmer. It contains caffeine to help tighten the skin, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin.


With a growing body or during pregnancy stretchmarks can appear. I got stretchmarks from having my first 3 children, but noticed even more with my daughter Leah. I have noticed a big improvement and they are less visible then before I started using the cream. Because they are natural ingredients it is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy to prevent stretchmarks.

Push up breast

I must say after having 4 children my breasts are looking down in the dumps and heading further south. After using the cream they are a lot firmer, it’s also added volume too. The cream increases elasticity and moisten the levels of the skin which stimulate the regeneration progress. It is also safe to use in pregnancy and also breastfeeding.

For every cream there are different instructions on how to apply to your skin and how many times a day. I found all creams pleasant to use, and have a light fruity fragrance. I love the fact it is all natural ingredients affordable. They come in 150ml tubes for £15.99 at Holland and barrets.



* Note the products were provided to me to review, I am 100% honest and thoughts are my own, but what works for me may not for you.

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13 thoughts on “E’lifexir review

  1. These creams sound really good. It’s nice that they’re all natural. Thanks for sharing them as I hadn’t come across this range before.

  2. These creams sound really good! I was an avid anti-stretch mark user during both pregnancies and I am very lucky that it really worked for me. Also love the sound of the firming cream

    Laura x

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