Eczema creams


Eczema creams
When my son was born I noticed he had very dry skin, the doctors told me it was because he was 11 days late, I asked her what the best thing to use for it and told me sudo creme would be fine as baby oil had to many chemicals in it.

Then 2 days later the dry skin started to peel, I thought once it had all come off that would be it, but after the skin peeled it would come back and peel again.

A month later he started scratching all over his body especially his face and even though I put mittens on him a few seconds later they would be off again. So I started putting socks on his hands, That worked a lot better but in the night they were off and again he started scratching.

In the end it got so bad that the sides of his face had become infected, so I took him to the doctor and they told me it was severe eczema and gave me a prescription for antibiotic cream for the infection and moisterising creams for the dry skin. I also went to Holland and Barrets to see what they had for dry skin and purchased Dead Sea Bath Salts, It didn’t make much difference and the cream alone wasn’t making his eczema any better, So I tried oats, you put oats in a sock and run the bath water through it and was surprised how soft his skin was after a soak.

I was told to cream him 5 times a day, but after an hour or so his skin was dry again. So after 2 weeks i decided to take him back to the doctors. I got prescribed different creams (which are in the picture above) they are working amazingly, I noticed a big difference almost straight away.

Dermol Lotion is used as a soap substitute as normal shower gel or soap irritates his skin.
Centraben cream I use for his body.
Zeroderm ointment I use for his scalp.

I also have Betamethasone Valerate (Betnovate cream) which is a steroid cream for the bad spots of eczema like his ankles, wreists and behind the ears. This cream thins the skin so I use it for 2-3 days and then miss 2-3 days.

I have noticed a big difference since using these creams.
So if you or anyone you know suffers from eczema visit your GP and ask to try these creams.

Even though Dead Sea Bath Salt from holland and barrets didn’t work for my son i absolutely love it, it made my skin so smooth and will defiantly buy it again, try it and tell me what you think.

6 thoughts on “Eczema creams

  1. This is all so great! The little girl I take care of has terrible eczema so I am going to try out the Dermol Lotion and see if that can help her out! I feel so bad for her!! I have to put socks on her hands as well 🙁

  2. My skin is getting dry as I get older. Maybe I can try the lotions you have recommended. As recommended I would like to use the Dermol Lotion instead of the liquid soap I currently use. I will also use the Centraben cream over my body

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