Hape baby drum

Its not unusual that children loose interest in their toys, we have all been there. They get a new toy and after a day or so they are stuffed in a cupbard never to be seen again or broken. So when we got asked to try a hape drum for babies and toddlers I thought why not.… Read More Hape baby drum

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Blog update

Well it has been a while since writing a post due to problems with my hosting provider. Thankfully it is all sorted and I have never been more ready to start from where I left off. so I’m just giving everyone a update of what has gone on in my life since July. On the… Read More Blog update


Father’s day gift guide

With father’s day approaching on the 17th June, I thought I would do a gift guide to suit any kind of budget and give you inspiration. Father’s day is a celebration honouring father’s and celebrating fatherhood. Whether you have a step dad or paternal dad.


E’lifexir review

E’lifexir cream I love trying new skin care products so I was over the moon to try E’lifexir natural beauty. E’lifexir is a natural care range with seven different products each targeting specific parts of the body.


Welcome to the world

After having my 3rd child, I thought that was it. Alfie was in his final year or nursery and the enthusiasm ran through me, I could finally get a job and make something of myself. My ideal job would be working with animals. London Zoo would have been a dream for me.

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Hedrin Protect and go

It is always a fun and exciting time when your child starts school, but with this comes the dreaded case of unwanted visitors. After a few weeks of my daughter starting nursery she had come home with the little critters having a party on her head.


My nan and dementia

This is my Nan and she was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2006 at the age of 66. Vascular dementia is the 2nd most common form of dementia. Its effecting around 150,000 people in the uk. Vascular dementia is caused by the reduce of the blood supply to the brain, due to diseased blood vessels.… Read More My nan and dementia